The Four Biggest Hair Color Trends for 2024

As the new year unfolds, the anticipation for a fresh start resonates, particularly in the realm of hairstyles. If you’re eager to make a change in the hair department as January kicks off, the biggest hair coloring trends of 2024 are sure to ignite significant inspiration.

While 2023 brought warmth to various tones, 2024 is all about subtle upgrades to the already-popular hues on our radar. Nostalgia prevails, and we are exploring modern ways to embrace early beauty trends. Additionally, a noteworthy transformation is observed in the perennial “it” color of the year: red hair. Whether you’re opting for bold statements or subtle shifts in low lights, there’s a red shade suitable for everyone.

Highlighted Trends:

1. Ribbon Lights

“Ribbon lights” emerge as the modern style forecast for 2024 colors. Unlike the thick original stripes of the past, this trend represents a more delicate and sophisticated look. With various sizes, particularly at the back and underneath, lighter ribbons can truly elevate darker strands. Delicate, voluminous highlights bring warmth to deep brown hair.

2. Fiery Reds

Red hair was a sensation in 2023, and it continues to dominate in the new year. Experimenting with red hair can be fascinating, depending on your skin tone and eye color. Opt for deep reds or choose a more natural, subtle auburn. Post-color care is crucial to prevent fading; consider using color-protecting shampoos and conditioners, such as the Moroccan Oil Color Depositing Mask. It utilizes the antioxidant properties of Moroccan nut oil to shield hair from environmental stress, providing a color defense shield against sun damage.

3. Rainbow Blonde

Blending gold and violet adds dimension to blonde hair. Gradual transitioning colors can weave bright highlights into long locks.

4. Golden Copper

To enhance the natural depth of your red tones, opt for golden copper highlights with a red undertone. When iconic black hair transforms into fiery red, this model’s new shades, incorporating wine red and ginger hues, create more dimension. Proper maintenance is key to keeping all tones vibrant. Consider using products like Davines Alchemic Conditioner and Kérastase Chroma Absolu Hair Mask, which combines amino acids, lactic acid, and tartaric acid to treat damage and prevent color stripping.

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