Seven major fall hair dye trends

ccording to Garnier’s recent study, a whopping 85% of people are opting for home or salon hair coloring. Staying abreast of the latest trends is crucial in the beauty world, ensuring you step into the cozy season with a touch of style. From jet black allure to denim copper chic, Vogue, with insights from industry experts, breaks down the hottest colors right now.

Jet Black Elegance

Described as profoundly deep and dark, jet brunette is making waves. Nicola Clarke, Creative Director at John Frieda Salons, explains the technique involves darker roots transitioning into flatter, deeper black toward the ends. The result? Lasting shine with a multi-dimensional effect.

Denim Copper Craze

Celebrity colorist Jenna Perry places “denim copper” as a fall favorite, donned by stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Adwoa Aboah. With a warm violet undertone, copper hues on dark hair add a perfect glow, especially when hit by sunlight.

Rich Espresso Brown

Kadi Lee, renowned for crafting rich hues for clients like Julia Roberts and the Duchess of Sussex, recently created a lush espresso brown for Meghan Markle. Lee’s artistry emphasizes a soft touch, allowing the color to appear deep yet radiant with the changing seasons.

Bambi Blonde for Winter Days

Clarke recommends “Bambi blonde” as the perfect winter color, citing Kate Moss and her daughter Lila as prime examples. Mimicking the natural hue that sunlight imparts on their hair, Clarke adds creamy baby lights concentrated on the crown and sides, sprinkled with touches of vanilla for extra radiance.

Warm Caramel on the Rise

Recent Google trends indicate a 200% increase in searches for “warm caramel hair color” in the last 30 days, making it one of the most sought-after tones this fall. Paddy McDougall of The Hair Bros notes a shift towards embracing the hair’s natural warmth, creating an organic, sun-kissed feel.

Rose-Tinted Sophistication

According to Emilie Riant Passelande, Chief Colorist at Christophe Robin Paris Salon, amber and rose-toned hair colors are in vogue. From rose gold to amber hues and chocolate rose shades, these warm tones suit all skin types, bringing elegance and warmth.

Hand-Painted Hair Craftsmanship

McDougall stresses that this season is not just about color but also the placement and techniques used. Moving away from bold, chunky looks, he advocates for finely detailed, hand-painted effects. Customizing the application enhances natural texture and cut, resulting in a dimensional, subtly beautiful appearance.

In a season where details matter, fall 2023’s hair trends emphasize refined intricacies, subtle variations, and overall aesthetic beauty. Upgrade your style with the latest in fall hair color, embracing a more personalized and sophisticated approach.

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