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One cosmetic doctor tries the best low-key tweaks

In the realm of aesthetic enhancements, Botox and products like Profhilo are widely known. However, when considering cosmetic procedures, there are numerous other adjustments worth discussing with your physician. According to Dr. Sarah Tonks, a leading cosmetic practitioner in London, it’s essential to avoid falling into repetitive routines. A thoughtful consultation sets the stage for understanding your goals accurately, and recommendations may extend beyond the familiar realms of forehead Botox and Profhilo treatments.

Dr. Tonks’ Favorites for Facial Refinement

  1. Radiesse for Jawline Definition

    Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers commonly used for facial plumping, Radiesse, composed of hydroxylapatite calcium, offers a firmer support structure for areas like the jawline. Its unique consistency stimulates the body’s collagen production, making it a preferred choice among practitioners. Radiesse’s versatility also allows for innovative uses, such as dilution with saline for a skin-boosting effect on neck wrinkles.

  2. Belotero Revive for Youthful Skin

    While Profhilo is well-known, it’s not the only skin booster praised by experts. Belotero Revive can be applied to various areas, including the neck, face, chest, hands, elbows, abdomen, and buttocks. Dr. Tonks highlights its benefits not only in enhancing skin appearance and quality but also in positively affecting pigmentation for up to nine months.

  3. Aptos Threads for Aging Skin

    For mild to moderate sagging concerns, considering threads that support facial tissue structure while stimulating natural skin renewal processes, like collagen production, is advisable. Dr. Tonks recommends Aptos threads, emphasizing their ease of use and immediate, decent results. Composed of poly-L-lactic acid (PLACL), a naturally occurring substance with biocompatibility, Aptos threads gradually dissolve in the skin over time, making them suitable for those showing early signs of aging.

  4. Lower Face Botox for Facial Balance

    If your focus has been solely on treating forehead and eye wrinkles with Botox, Dr. Tonks suggests exploring the benefits of lower face Botox. Often underestimated, it addresses chin depressions, reverses downturned mouth corners, and complements upper face treatments for overall facial harmony.

In conclusion, the world of cosmetic enhancements offers a spectrum of options beyond the familiar. Dr. Tonks advocates a comprehensive approach for achieving facial harmony, urging patients to consider a diverse range of treatments tailored to individual needs.

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