Four fashionable fringe trends set to explode this fall

The summer might not seem like the obvious time to get bangs – increased heat can lead to more forehead oil. But now that we’re past the halfway mark, it’s time to consider enhancing your glow for the rest of the year. September, often dubbed the “second January,” is when many of us reset our routines. We’re determined to become healthier (and happier) and revitalize our lives in small ways. Now is the perfect time for a hairstyle refresh.

There’s no simpler way to change your look than by getting a new set of bangs. If you need some inspiration, check out these four popular fringe styles below and give them a try.

1. Birkin Bang

 Inspired by the woman known for having the coolest hair, Jane Birkin, especially in her youth, these bangs combine French-girl chic with the edgy London aesthetic, just as Birkin herself embodies. Soft and effortless, Birkin bangs can be worn full or parted in the middle and swept to the sides. The key is to always ensure they don’t look too “done.” With 1.6 billion views on TikTok, consider it a must-try hairstyle trend for the summer and beyond.

2. Woven Bangs

Elevate your box braids (or any other protective style) with woven bangs—a fringe trend currently trending on TikTok with 474 million views and counting. Woven bangs are a perfect way to frame the face and can be worn as simple braids or adorned with beads and/or metallic hardware.

3. Hime Fringe

You may have heard of the Hime cut, which first gained popularity a few years ago during the DIY hairstyle craze. This cut is making a comeback in 2023, rooted in Japanese culture where “Hime” translates to “princess” in Japanese. Geometric shapes reminiscent of anime, the focus of the cut is blunt full bangs paired with equally blunt and geometrically chopped hair on the sides of the face. Trash princess vibes, especially if you’re into a lob cut, make for a fantastic style to try.

4. Curtain Bangs

Will curtain bangs ever go out of style? Don’t answer that question. Currently beloved by celebrities from Diane Kruger to Olivia Wilde, everyone is spotted donning these lovable (and forgiving) fringes. Suitable for most face shapes, if you’re eager to try bangs but hesitant to commit, this is the style to experiment with.

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