Bangs are going to have a big moment in 2024: here are the 5 best ones

Embarking on a new year is the perfect time to experiment with a fresh hairstyle, and one of the easiest ways to switch up your look is by opting for bangs. Every face has its own fringe, and in 2024, here are five versions that are making waves.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs make for an excellent choice, not just because they are relatively longer and grow out gracefully, but also because they complement every face shape. The emphasis on different facial features depends on where the strands fall. Those extending to the mouth corners, as seen on Priyanka Chopra, draw attention to the lips. When the bangs reach the nose tip, cheekbones are highlighted, a look sported by Emily Ratajkowski. Bangs placed above the eyes—like Dakota Johnson’s—make them stand out.

Curtain bangs act as a frame for the face,” explains hairstylist Maximilian Meyer. According to Meyer, curtain bangs work best with normal to fully textured hair that has a slight wave. He advises using a round brush while blow-drying for optimal results.

Fine Bangs

The Y2K revival continues, and it’s no surprise that early Noughties hairstyles are making a comeback. Currently favored by celebrities is the fine bangs look—loose strands falling delicately on the face, exposing the forehead. The advantage of these bangs is that, like curtain bangs, they grow out easily if you wish to try a different look.

However, ultra-fine bangs can quickly become greasy. To prevent this, spray some dry shampoo on your hair immediately after washing. In this case, the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true. Fine bangs help soften sharp angles and draw attention to the face, a look suitable for almost any hair texture.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are a popular variation of fine fringe but noticeably shorter. These irregularly textured cuts feel soft and charming rather than harsh—a good thing to keep in mind when trying out the style.

These bangs are particularly suitable for individuals with smaller faces who might get lost behind heavier, fuller fringes. Styling baby bangs is easy; all you need is a product that adds texture to your hair, such as wax or styling powder, which you can apply with your fingers to accentuate strands and create a peekaboo effect on the forehead.

Full Bangs

Any article about bangs must include Taylor Swift, who has made this style her trademark. She often sports wide, straight full bangs but occasionally lets her natural curls loose. This look suits angular, attention-grabbing faces. Full bangs can visually shorten a high forehead. Individuals with small faces should avoid this type of fringe, as it might compress the face. Blow-dry the bangs down using a paddle brush, making them smooth, and then alternate sides with a round brush to gently shape the bangs. This creates a natural volume.

Side-Swept Bangs

As mentioned earlier Bangs Hairstyle, the Y2K revival is bringing back hairstyles from that era, and side-swept bangs are another trendy look of the current times. It appears slightly windblown to the side, making it especially effective if you’re growing out your bangs. Simply use a bit of hair gel to secure them in place; otherwise, they might keep falling into your eyes.

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